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The King Archetype

Resolving the Pressure of Attaining Perfection; Will I Ever Live Up to Expectation?

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In this content packed On-Demand Workshop videos and deep meditation process you will learn:

  • Why You Love & Hate The King Energy

  • What Expectation Really Is

  • Hot To Engage The 'King' So Life Never Falls Short

Full Course consists of 6 videos, 1 exercise and 1 meditation.Please allow 1-2 hours to complete it

Welcome to this session.

You’re here because you can feel you want to lead, be an example, set the new trend, open the new path in life . . .


you’re tripped up by worrying if you’ll be enough.

You worry that if you’re too successful, others will take you down a peg or two.  What if you’re too successful and begin to feel it?  What if everyone sees you as some kind of fraud?

It keeps you awake at night - the imaginary under-achieving self lies wide awake, wondering if others will finally see through you.

 ‘What if’ scenarios pound through your head.

So what do you do?

You over-give, over-perform in order to hush the worry. 

Trouble is, what has left you feeling exhausted and burnt out -  that’s your past.

The King Archetype you’re familiar with?

It’s the times you’ve been excited about your own path but you have silently waited for permission to follow it.

The  moment you’ve had a calm moment of clarity where you KNOW, when you felt centred, right in the middle of your decisions and you directed your own life in a way you have never had the courage to before. 

And you started to follow it.

But then . . . it disappeared.  The fear of failure crept in.

Why does courage fade when someone questions your decisions?

The King Archetype shows up to create your courage and to protect your life path and build your harmonious, prosperous inner kingdom, where you can find ways to express your deeper self in the world.

The journey of the King Archetype begins with questioning your source of power.

Do you allow yourself your own power?  If not, then what or who do you see as the source of your power?

What’s the state of your inner kingdom? Does it feel protected, is it rich in natural resources? Or is it harsh and unfriendly?

Your inner kingdom is symbolic of your whole.

Your King is its centre and that King is meant to feel their power, not in dominance and fear but through maturity.

Are you now thinking,’ surely it should be my Queen’?

No, it’s the King. 

We all have both male and female energy

The issue of the King though is – is he ruled by the ghosts of the influence of shadow rulers, the fear of an abuse of power?

Where does his idea of power come from?

Does he not engage his power for fear he’ll become dominant?  If so, is he leaving your kingdom exposed?

He must know his fears, understand where there has been an abuse of power, so he can be a King ruled by Soul Truth, rather than by the influences of a frightened ego.

For magic to happen in life, it requires stability across all emotions.

No one can become a master of consciousness 

without taking the journey from rejection to acceptance.

The King shows you how to achieve that stability through the soul’s MATURE expansion.

Now it’s time for you to continue that move to mastery within emotion, and to realise

it’s not about hiding – it’s about the call of adventure!

And it starts by taking the first step on the King’s Healing Path.

The Archetypes

1- The Early Childhood Metaphor

Your first car didn’t even have an engine, you pushed it along using your legs. It felt lonely. What do you do? This stage is answered through the process of Life Beyond Self-Abandonment, which starts with lesson 1 "Is it me? How to Recognise Cold Relationships" and concludes with The Orphan Archetype.

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2 - The Middle Stage of Childhood Metaphor

Bored with the first car, you moved on to feeling you knew it all:  the ego believed the ONLY car in existence was a peddle car: you could go faster. This stage is answered through the process of Where You Fit In, which starts with lesson 5 "Am I Selfish to want my Own Life?" and concludes with The King Archetype.

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3 - The Early Adolescence Metaphor

Your third car? hmmm . . . you’re starting to look around to see what others have and how you connect with them. You’re discovering love or where it features – is it about rejection or acceptance? This stage is answered through the process of the Basis of Relationships, which starts with lesson 9 "From Panic to Empowering Love" and concludes with The Lover Archetype.

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4 - The Late Adolescence Metaphor

Your fourth car.  You’ve looked around, decided what you like, made judgements and now you’re going out on your own. Does what you want match with others or should you just become what you think they want? This stage is answered through the process of Creating Your Own Values, which starts at Episode 16 and concludes with The Queen Archetype.

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5 - The Early Adulthood Metaphor

Your fifth car.  It’s boring driving. You have no idea where you’re supposed to be going. Going around in circles used to be fun in your imagination, now it’s just dull. How do you create magic in your life? This stage is answered through the Basis of Purpose, which starts at Episode 20 and concludes with The Magician Archetype.

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6 - The Late Adulthood Metaphor

Your sixth car and you’ve got the hang of things now. You’ve been around the block a few times, you know generally what to expect and what things to look out for. Now it’s about soul purpose, a depth. Is your purpose to teach others to drive? How do you know? This stage is answered through *How You Create Soul Purpose in a Logical World, which starts at Episode 24 and will conclude with The Mystic Archetype.

Coming Soon

7 - The Early Elderhood Metaphor

Your seventh car - you’re surprised you’re not dead yet. Wow, life is for living, best make the most of it.  This is your seventh car and you’ve mastered how to drive. You can relax and enjoy it. Now it’s about life mastery and time to share it. This stage is answered through Life Beyond Fear and Regret, which will start at Episode 28 and will conclude with The Mentor Archetype.

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8 - The Late Elderhood Metaphor

Wow on your eighth car, you’re wise, you know how to drive that car through life. You’ve been there, seen it all. Now it’s about peace.  You’ve achieved what you’re meant to and it’s time to give back. This stage is answered through Accepting the State of Grace, which will start at Episode 32 and will conclude with The Mini-Sage Archetype.

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