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About Heidi Sawyer

Sound Familiar?

• Feeling other people’s emotions as though they are your own
• Dreaming about events before they happen
• Strangers want to tell you their life history
• Incredible desire to find a sense of purpose / meaningful work
• Seeing things out of the corner of your eye
• Increase in allergies especially stomach related sensitivity
• Strong fascination for intuitive or spiritual knowledge
• Inexplicably drawn towards the colours lilac, pink or white

Door To Intuition
Lanterns on your path

Lanterns on Your Path

Imagine you have found a secret doorway, as you open the door you find yourself stepping onto a pathway with lanterns dotted in the distance.It takes a bit of scrambling up hillsides and climbing into dangerous places to collect the lanterns, but something in you tells you collecting them feels right.

The more lanterns you’ve collected, the brighter your path. If you lose a few, someone borrows them, you’ll not notice as much as if you only had one or two. Lantern stealers are everywhere, they ‘take’ your energy leaving you feeling drained, irritated and eventually taking solace in the withdrawal to recover.

The deeper you go, the more lanterns you collect, the more confident your path and the clearer your view.

Understanding your intuitive sensitivity IS the process of lantern gathering to guide what otherwise is a dark and scary path.

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Who is Heidi Sawyer?

Heidi Sawyer, BA (hons) is a natural intuitive-sensitive with a unique understanding of highly intuitive-sensitive people.

Her online courses, mentorship programmes and events have helped 74,498 Intuitive-Sensitive People understand their sensitivity as their greatest asset. Heidi’s business has helped more than 5,000 Intuitive-Sensitives recover from emotional-trauma, understand their intuition as their very own super-power for managing difficult people, career enhancement and better relationships.

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Heidi Sawyer’s Speciality…

Heidi Sawyer’s speciality is Highly Intuitive-Sensitive People, knowing who they are, what affects them in life, and how to engage their incredible skills. Heidi is an author and speaker whose best-selling courses are sold in 55 countries. Her first book The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense (Hay House) has been translated into four languages.

Heidi is known for her powerful techniques to reveal and work the deepest parts of your psyche. Heidi knows who Highly Intuitive-Sensitive People are, what affects them in life – and how to engage their incredible skills. These people are especially sensitive to the energy of others, have health niggles different to the average person, yet have an extraordinary skill to ‘see around corners’.

Heidi helps Intuitive-Sensitive People understand their inner-world, she does this using methods to access aspects of their unconscious self for interpretation, healing and transformation. As an author and online trainer, Heidi speaks regularly at Mind & Body conferences in the UK and Ireland, her popular podcasts and on-line programmes are enjoyed by thousands of Intuitive-Sensitives worldwide. Heidi lives in Surrey, UK with her husband and two sons.

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Heidi Sawyer’s Media Bio:

Heidi Sawyer is a British author, speaker, intuition coach and transformation expert known for her online courses, podcast, YouTube videos and self-help books including the best-seller Highly Intuitive People. Her speciality is creating transformation through accessing the unconscious specifically for Intuitive-Sensitive People using the power of her Unconscious Resonance Method.

Her videos have been viewed more than 1.5 million times, her courses have helped more than 75,000 Intuitive-Sensitives in 121 countries and she has personally spoken to more than 6,000 clients 1-2-1. The depth of Heidi’s work has created an enviable reputation within the Mind, Body, Spirit industry. Heidi has been featured in many publications such as BBC radio, The Mail on Sunday and RTE 1.

Heidi Sawyer’s Mission, Vision & Values:

I believe a generational lack of knowledge about what a child needs as it matures, has led to a time in our history where a large portion of the adult population has no idea what makes them truly happy or in tune with an authentic life.

This surfaces problems with change, narcissistic abuse, knowing your next move, inner calm and feeling free to be you. This has led to a wild increase in mental health requirements as people are finding they are coming up against life with no internal resources.

The solution is about creating strong, trustworthy and vibrant inner resources to call upon. To do that you must engage a new understanding of your unconscious world. Your unconscious world stores your history and never forgets. It therefore reminds you through life what you have never healed or thought was a problem. The key is to reveal the unconscious to your everyday world as once it is revealed, it can disperse.

Our mission is to guide and support those crusading to change their inner world to one of powerful inner resources so they can live their best life for themselves and for future generations, saying NO to passing on dysfunction.