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What is the Unconscious Resonance Method?

Imagine two pianos in a room: when you press a key on one, the same note vibrates on the other; that’s resonance. Your mind works similarly, sending out 'vibrations' based on your inner thoughts and feelings. Frustratingly, these can sometimes draw in repetitive scenarios and individuals that echo challenges you'd prefer to avoid.

The Unconscious Resonance Method acts as a fine-tuning process for your internal piano. First, we quiet the vibrations that attract trouble, like turning down the volume on a song you're tired of hearing. Then, we start playing a new tune—your tune—one that vibrates with joy, peace, and the positive experiences you wish for. This technique empowers you to wield your unconscious potential, shaping a life brimming with positive interactions and opportunities.

As an integral component of Heidi Unlimited Personal (HUP), I personally guide you through this transformative journey in a one-to-one setting. Since Heidi Unlimited's inception in 2018, we've been privileged to witness and share in numerous remarkable Stories of Transformation.

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Recent Stories of Transformation

Will Yours Be Next?

Alexandra Breedon

"I was looking to learn about myself. I was really curious about my own potential"

Cecile Plouy

“I wanted a relationship and children but felt it was never going to happen”

Tracy Barthorpe

“I have moved away from the negativity and the drama - I have made friends with myself”


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