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Transformation Happens From The Inside - Out

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Work with me one-on-one to accelerate your personal growth and professional performance.


Unlock Your Potential: Borrow My Intuition

The easiest way to describe what one-on-one Mentorship can do for you, is with this story...

The huge printing presses of a major Chicago newspaper began malfunctioning on the Saturday before Christmas, putting all the revenue for advertising that was to appear in the Sunday paper in jeopardy. None of the other technicians could track down the problem. Finally, a frantic call was made to the retired technician who had worked with these presses for over 40 years. “We’ll pay anything; just come in and fix them,” he was told.

When he arrived, he walked around for a few minutes, surveying the presses; then he approached one of the control panels and opened it. He removed a dime from his pocket, turned a screw 1/4 of a turn, and said, “The presses will now work correctly.” After being profusely thanked, he was told to submit a bill for his work.

The bill arrived a few days later for $10,000.00! Not wanting to pay such a huge amount for so little work, the experienced technician was told to please itemise his charges, with the hope he would reduce the amount once he had to identify his services.
The revised bill arrived:
- $1.00 for the simple act of turning the screw - akin to navigating your conscious world
- $9,999.00 for knowing which screw to turn - delving into the depths of your unconscious world

My gift lies not simply in action, but in discernment – identifying that pivotal 'screw' in your unconscious that shifts everything. Discover the profound transformations of others (see Stories of Transformation below), and embark on your own journey to clarity and enlightenment because... Transformation happens when you have clarity - NOT goals

Recent Stories of Transformation

Will Yours Be Next?

Alexandra Breedon

"I was looking to learn about myself. I was really curious about my own potential"

Cecile Plouy

“I wanted a relationship and children but felt it was never going to happen”

Tracy Barthorpe

“I have moved away from the negativity and the drama - I have made friends with myself”


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