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Marina Duskov

's Story of Transformation

Marina Duskov

Story of Transformation

"I am much less in fear, much more in my courageous heart. I am more accepting of my feelings, and definitely living by intuition."

Marina Duskov
United Kingdom
Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant
Health & Happiness
Enlightenment Path

What was I looking for before I came across Heidi? I was looking for intuition. I wanted to deepen my intuitive-ness. I didn’t really know that I was intuitive, but there was something there, and I knew it was important: I felt ready to explore​.

I felt ready to explore.

I was attracted to Heidi herself – I read her book, but didn’t take it any further till my late husband,  Stephen and I went to Inspire together.  

We were hooked it – we loved it.

My major transformation came from losing my husband in September, 2017.  I was lost and needed guidance.​

I joined the Enlightenment Path.  I was attracted by the alignment of the content with the cycle of nature, from pod to bloom, aligned with our own cycles.  

I was curious.  What appealed most is that it is a cycle, naturally unfolding through the five phases, It was genius – Mother Nature linking with our own inner nature  - aligning with our own cycle, the family and the balance we bring to it.

It was a brilliant concept  - it made complete sense.

I felt at ease, and understood.

Heidi spoke to the depth of myself,  as if she could see right inside me.

And it was not just words – she was speaking to me from a good place, and she was so clear, and honest.  

There was no hiding anything, no showing off – it was like speaking to a close friend, a good listener who understands you well.

​Every intuitive deserves to be listened to in this way.

Sensitives are frequently surrounded by people,  often in their own family, who don’t understand them, don’t “get” them.

I had moved from my home country, Serbia.

I had tried other teachers.  Gosia Gorna, for example – I liked her and her workshops and advice on the Emotional Release Technique (The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin ), that does neutralise energy, and  I still use it today.

I had also tried many other things - co-counselling, hypnotherapy, advanced hypnotherapy, and qualifications in various forms of healing, all of which seemed parallel to my inner world, rather than linked to it.  

It was Heidi who explained that as a 1/10 Life Code this was to be expected:

she showed me how I worked, how I saw the world around me.

I would like to tell other intuitive-sensitives that they are not the only ones out there.

They feel different,  but they should see intuition as normal and to be embraced.  They are gifted – their sensitivity really is their greatest asset. But it takes time to study, to understand it.

I would ask them what they want to know – most of them are curious about their intuition.  

I would check what they see as their challenge, and perhaps ask if they would like to find out more about Heidi’s work.  Her talks are a good place to start, and introduce them to the community – to reassure them they are not alone - they can connect, make friends , find emotional release.

I would check what sort of support they need – do they feel alone? If so, do they want to meet other sensitives in a safe space?  

Their intuition is a gift.    Are they using it, or hiding from it?

My life has changed since I met Heidi.

I am much less in fear, much more in my courageous heart.  

I am less "in my head", more accepting of my feelings, and definitely living by intuition.

When I first went to Inspire I didn’t think  I was sensitive.

In fact I was actually hoping not to be “found out” as an imposter.  I had just come along to listen – now I recognise and embrace my gift.

Before I was feeling not good enough; now I am at peace, and definitely very accepting of my intuitive-sensitivity as an asset.

Without this transformation, life would just be dull.

Every day I’d be going through routine motions, very boring and shallow.  

I would be dying inside – if you aren’t growing you are dying.

Everything would be mediocre, superficial, and – well, dull!

What Heidi is doing is supporting people​.

She is spreading their understanding of their sensitive community.

It’s peak time for stepping up and belonging and connecting, and it’s exciting!

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