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Alexandra Breedon

's Story of Transformation

Alexandra Breedon

Story of Transformation

"I was looking to learn about myself. I was really curious about my own potential"

Alexandra Breedon
New York, USA
Self Employed
Health & Happiness
Intuition Coaching MasterMind
Aged 4

I was looking to learn about myself. I was really curious about my own potential.

At the time, when I first came across Heidi’s material, I was feeling a little bit flat – a lack of enthusiasm for life in general. I had just moved back to New York with my teenage daughter, to live near my father who was not in good health.

My younger brother was staying with my father, therefore I was suddenly spending a lot of time with him too, and with his alcoholism. My father had also been an alcoholic all of his adult life, so, understandably, seeing them grapple with the long term effects from that, was sad. For most of my life I had tried to avoid them – that’s certainly true of my dad; with my brother I was probably less aware that his addiction had become so problematic.

My daughter was adjusting well, but it was my first winter in New York in 27 years, and I had other dependents -  4 horses and 2 dogs.

Caring for everyone’s needs involved long, hard commutes. ​

I had never wintered with horses in a northern climate before, and found that especially challenging. I was also fairly isolated. I had my daughter, and my two other brothers and their children lived nearby, which was another reason for the move, but otherwise I was quite lonely, since most of my daily contact was with acquaintances.

About 3 months after I returned to my hometown, my father died.

Suddenly I had estate issues to try to settle with my brother. The conditions of my father’s will were that my brother and I had to agree on all decisions made, which was difficult and stressful.

Heidi’s material was very interesting for me.

It was subject matter that I had been drawn to my whole life, since I was small.

Her videos were extremely comforting - the first I had ever seen that I found myself agreeing with everything I heard.  There was nothing I had any issue with -  that was amazing to me.  I watched them in the evenings,  they helped me relax.

I had previously tried to watch spiritual and self help videos, but I had not found much of substance – the internet had never been very appealing for me.  I did a lot of reading, so I went to a local bookstore to order her books.

What was very important to me was the opportunity not to see myself in a negative light, not to judge myself for my own sensitivity.

Heidi’s affirmation, “Your sensitivity is your greatest asset” was incredibly inspiring

My advice to someone struggling would be to reach out and talk to people who are emotionally honest and supportive.

When I discovered Heidi, I was looking for that encouragement, to understand myself positively through someone else’s eyes.  

I feel much more confident now, a lot more trusting of my own decisions.

I’m no longer searching for something missing – I understand what I want to be spending my time doing, and I value that clarity.

The drive to do this work was very strong.

I appreciate useful information, presented so well, and in a way that allows for learning to be efficient.

I found Heidi at a time when I was looking for help to make a difference in my life.

The loyalty aspect was of supreme importance.

By my second session with Heidi, I knew I had found personal support of a different quality from any that I have had for a long time.

My best friend died of breast cancer about 15 years ago, and she was at that time the only person in the world whom, I felt, really saw me and respected me.

I have that same intimacy with Heidi, and it gives me the security that I need to be confident.

I find it difficult to explain to others why I am happy - what has changed for me. But I know in myself that I now have a comfort level that’s different for me: it feels really good, and I am grateful for it.

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