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Life Codes are a powerful way to understand your life moving forward, relationship dynamics and soul progression. But how do they work?

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Your November 2023 focus in your Life Codes

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Life Code #1/10

Before a new beginning there is an ending. This month is about you finishing off what you’ve started. That might be a project or even a discussion. It’s time to stop putting things off and get to the point. You’ve been contemplating for a long time, it’s now time to get the wheels in motion and get things going. Support will come.

Life Code #2/11

Planning is something you either like or you put off as a Life Code 2. You either embrace it or reject it entirely. This month, planning is on the cards whether you like it or not. If you’re a Life Code 2 who likes planning then you’re in your element. If you’re one who rejects it then you’re in for a bumpy ride. Planning will give you insight this month into something you hadn’t thought of.

Life Code #3

Be prepared to embrace your soft side. This month you’re more mushy than usual, you’re wanting to embrace the romanticism of life. This is a great time to chat to people as you’re more open to new dynamics and relationships. If it’s time to shed an old skin of assuming you’ll be rejected then now is the right time. Look up and outwards to new horizons, now is a wonderful time to celebrate new opportunities.

Life Code #4

If it’s time for a relationship dynamic to come to an end then this is a good month for you to address the situation. Not one for confrontation, now though it’s good to get what you want off your chest without waiting to get angry. When you get angry you either explode or implode – neither is good for you at present. You can flourish by calmly addressing what needs to be said, you’ll be surprised how positively it can be taken.

Life Code #5

Steer yourself away from boredom this month because otherwise you’re heading for the biscuit tin. Self-sabotage is a thing for you at the moment because part of you doesn’t feel stimulated enough. If you want to avoid disruption, find yourself a new hobby even if it’s a temporary one because you’ll want the distraction. It’s a great time for showing off your creative skills.

Life Code #6

It’s time to avoid making a mountain out of a molehill. If things have been worrying you of late, consider if it’s actually something to worry about or your mind has exaggerated the situation. If you’ve gotten wound up over small things, then it’s time to calm down. You’ll start to feel better able to cope this month as old patterns come to an end. Forgive yourself for the small misdemeanours.

Life Code #7

If you’ve over or under played your hand in recent times, this month you’ll start to feel that insecurity rising to the surface. This isn’t a bad thing because with hindsight you’ll see where you went wrong. Holding back will seem like it’s been a detrimental idea and pushing forward will become the logical next step. Pushing forward for you Life Code7 will need to have the ‘whole’ as a guiding force, once you allow the whole picture to form, you’ll be super happy.

Life Code #8

You’re a force to be reckoned with this month Life Code 8. You’re not in the mood to suffer fools and you’re super charged for movement forward. You’re normally more reserved than other Life Codes but this month you’re more inclined to put your thoughts forward. Careful you’re not too direct, diplomacy is the answer.

Life Code #9

You’re ready for a new chapter. Your new chapter is a big one – a new job, a new place to live, a new project, the list goes on. As you can see, this is the month for you for new plans. You’ll feel confident, resourceful and very optimistic in comparison to how you’ve felt in previous times. You usually feel hounded into a corner rather than change being your idea. This month you feel it’s all in hand.

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Life Codes are a powerful way to understand your life moving forward, relationship dynamics and soul progression.Using a combination of numerology and the meaning of the Tree of Life, Heidi delivers free to your inbox every month your predictions for the times ahead.

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