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Are You Settling Into ‘You’?

Are You Settling Into ‘You’?

Are You Settling Into ‘You’?

Are You Settling Into ‘You’?

Are You Settling Into ‘You’?

You start to feel at peace with the Universe…

You’re more trusting and less sensitive to other people’s energy.

You’re no longer overwhelmed by dense energies, and toxic energies are much less likely to have an impact on you.

You can handle narcissistic energy more than you could before, as you feel more able to observe rather than absorb. This means you’re more willing to enter the ebb and flow of life as you feel less delicate.

This is the ‘Settling Into You Phase’ of the awakening process, where you finally get to feel comfortable in seeing your sensitivity as your greatest asset.

Side note: this is the goal of my new meditation app, where you start to believe your sensitivity is your greatest asset. If you know one of my existing members, ask them what they say at the end of a live session.

Anyway, back to today's topic...

You're able to still be sensitive, not numbed out, but at the same time you're unaffected by other people's insensitivities.

When you have moved through the ‘Settling Into You Phase’ you reach deeper into the awakening process and find yourself at the 6th and final stage, which is when you start to feel your mission is dawning. I will tell you all about this next week.

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