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The reading that could make 2014 your best year yet
The Intelligent Guide to the 6th Sense (Hay House) by Heidi Sawyer

Incredibly intuitive since childhood, Heidi assumed everyone knew how to sense what people were thinking; their worries, problems and joys. Formerly an account manager for a promotions agency, Heidi discovered her gift in her early 20s, when she saw her dead grandmother standing at the front door.

Shunned for two years by her family and friends for her skills, her story takes the reader on a journey from the early signs of recognising you have a ‘gift’ to understanding it is something very natural and useful in everyday life. Heidi believes everyone has the ‘gift’ - it is a matter of bringing it out. She found that through a journey of self-acceptance family and friends began to find her choice of career not so weird.

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