What is Heidi's Circle? 

Significant member benefits include:

• Supportive environment and interaction with other sensitives

• Very easy to use access

• Twice monthly access to the LIVE session and recordings; the hugely valuable and popular group healing session, as well as the 'Ask Heidi About' sessions

• 20% discount on events, readings and products

• Sequential meditations for your long-term development

• Preference tickets for the member yearly event 'Inspire'

• No contract, cancel any time with just one email

• You are invited to Heidi's limited seat events before they go on general release

• Confidence in a successful Circle running since 2008

What it means to be a member of Heidi's Circle

It's a small monthly subscription and you get:

• Discounts on workshops
• Very special member rates for Inspire, Heidi's yearly conference (20% discount + a free ticket)
• Twice monthly access to Heidi to ask her questions during the Live Sessions. These are live online
sessions for members only. You can see Heidi (on screen) and ask her anything you wish with regard to
your life / growth. You have an access code and you type in what you would like her to answer. She
answers live. The sessions are usually 7pm (UK time) on a Tuesday twice a month, however the replay
is made available to you in your own members area the following day
• Weekly deep process meditations (MP3) exclusive to members
• Weekly tutorials exclusive to members

All designed to support your progress and growth.

Is there a contract / notice period?

No contract or notice period. You will receive personal login details when you become a member. That's
what you use or the direct links we send you as a member when the live sessions are on etc. You can
access your members area to get your tutorials and meditations. One a week is released to you, and
you'll receive notification via email to say it's there.

If you cancel your membership it simply means you will no longer have access to your members area or
the member benefits. There is no contract to make you stay, Heidi doesn't like to work that way. She likes
her members to be there because they want to be there.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the circle.

How much is it to join?

If you'd like a lot of support and access then your monthly membership easily pays for itself.

You can pay £15 now, try the service out for 30-days, then if you don't like it we will give you all of your
money back, that is how confident we are that this service is what you have been looking for.

Start here today


        30-day Money back guarantee on all products

        Clear pricing

        Professional experience
About me, Heidi
Sawyer BA (Hons)
Intuitive Consultant, Course Director,
Hay House Author, & Presenter.
Specialist in Intuitive Sensitive

When I wanted answers I wanted to find
them in a straight forward manner and
something I could understand.
My speciality is helping naturally intuitive,
sensitive people to understand
themselves better and their function in
the world.

To begin with, your sensitivity can push
you into overwhelm and a feeling no one
seems to understand you.

I help people realise there are a lot more
intuitive sensitives than they think there
are! To help them with a sense of
connection, understanding and
explanation for their knowing of other
people's thoughts and feelings. To help
show them their natural sensitivity and
intuitive instinct is an amazing benefit
rather than the silent pain they perhaps
currently see it as. ”

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